Page 1- The Lists of Life


I have lists for everything. I have a bucket list. I have a list of beliefs. I have a list of things I intend to accomplish before I turn 40. I have a list of character traits I would like my person to have (which at this point in my life needs to be revisited.) I have a list of songs every person should hear in their lifetime, either because the words are incredibly meaningful or amazing or because the music itself is haunting and alluring. 

Some people think these lists are a little crazy. Some people think they are funny. My students, however, enjoy making their own lists based on my examples. The make them at the beginning of the year with doubt and scepticism and revisit them at the end of the year with awe and acceptance of who they are and who they have become in one simple school year. I explain the importance of lists. 

Lists are important because they change. You can re-order them. No one else can tell you what to put on them and you never have to share them if you don’t want to. Lists can become longer and they can become shorter. Lists are all up to the person creating them. Here is my most important list. This is the list that changes the least, but of course, does change through courses of events in life.

My Beliefs

1. I believe in the power of love. 

2. I believe that children are our future and they should all be given equal access to opportunity. 

3. I believe in second chances. 

4. I believe in the beauty of movement. 

5. I believe that music can cure the pain of a broken heart. 

6, I believe in old souls, new souls and in between souls. 

7. I believe in the gift of giving life. 

8. I believe all little boys AND little girls should learn how to tie a tie. 

9. I believe in the spirit of Santa Claus.

10. I believe that people should not be judged because they choose to love who they want to love. 

11. I believe that tattoos are legit as long as they stand for something and they are in a place you can hide them in case of great job interview. 

12. I believe that people have more than one  soul mate. 

13. I believe that heaven and hell are places that we are taught about but we don’t actually go there. 

14. I believe in hard work. 

15. I believe in true love. 

16. I believe that if you ” build it, they will come.”

17. I believe that positivity breeds positivity. 

18. I believe that monogamy for humans is unnatural and has to be worked at tremendously hard by both parties. 

19. I believe that beauty comes from the soul.