Page 1- London Bridge is Falling Down… Time to Fix that Thing!


There are a couple ways to fix things in life- 

In regard to our own personal being, we are responsible for that fix or change. 

In regard to other people, we can only hope to help, if help is wanted. 

In regard to people who do not want to be fixed, or change for the greater good, my advice is to walk away… before your bridge falls down and you can not fix it at all. 

In the children’s nursery rhyme and game, London Bridge is Falling Down, innocent children talk about this bridge which is falling down and then they repeatedly give options for how to fix the uncontrollable. 

They suggest using rocks and stones, but quickly decide that rocks and stones would break down too fast. They suggest using silver and gold but are afraid it will be stolen so they propose a watch man. They question whether the watch man will stay awake so they will give him a pipe so he will stay awake all night… but finally they decide that pipe may break and never actually conclude with a solution. They are unable to collaborate on a way to repair the bridge, which according to Walt Disney was one off of the Great Wonders of the world. 

During a life time, there are so many times we question whether we are making the right choice, whether we are being left out, whether we have made the right choice in order for our bridge to remain standing strong. 

I have come to the conclusion that we can only believe in what today is, because we cannot predict tomorrow. We cannot change what has passed. We cannot change the uncontrollable, we can only be responsible for our own actions. 

Taking the high road is not  always easy, but I believe it is the best road. Your bridge will stand sturdy, through fire, rain, heart break, sorrow and loss if you believe in yourself and the impact you can have on even one other person. 

Be strong. Use your strength to keep that bridge from falling. If it has fallen, use strength, purpose and vision to build it back stronger that it was before. 

London bridge can be built, and never break again. It is all up to you.