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“… When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Only time can tell how many stories one person has to tell, or how much information one brain can analyze.  As human beings, as individuals, as teachers, mothers, fathers, religious leaders, politicians, atheists, comedians and ok, even talk show hosts~ it is our job to be story tellers. It is our duty to pass down the First Pages, the highlights, the wonders and the details of our lives for the next generations to come. 

For me, the  journey through my First Pages is one that is not in any sort of order. It is filled with an abundance of love, broken hearted tears that only some people will have to experience in their life time, an extreme amount of gratitude and a persistent urge to absorb more information as I go. I can only become stronger if I learn from my failures and set backs. 

So, First Pages is a map and remembrance and stand up comedy show of errors dedicated to the village that raised me, the pillars of strength that allow me space to lean on, and to wonderful, loving, unique, beautiful young people in my life that guide me and teach me along the way.  

Welcome to my brightly painted,  wildly diverse,  and slightly (ok VERY) dysfunctional journey through life. Image