All in The Family


All in The Family

Sometimes your family, no matter how crazy they are, is all you need to remind you that “things” are just “things” and life does indeed, go on.

While Christmas can bring joyful tears, tears of sorrow, nostalgia, happiness and many other fleeting emotions for people; For me, it just brought a strange sense of peace. It helped me to remember that my mom brought this crazy family together for a reason. Even if she is not here to “manage” it today… we are ok.

(Rephrase: the kids… everyone else but me… are ok… ) but we are ok. I may be insane and needing help at some point soon. I never realized how much I cherished the annoying habits of my siblings until this Christmas. I suppose I understand the phrase “blessing in disguise” at this point – I may not always like it, but I get it.
Yet another valuable lesson left behind. I wonder if she knows I am listening now. I hope she knows I was really listening then too.
Love you mom.